Swanson Ridge is coming back with a new book in the series. The Right One is coming soon!


It’s him.

Always has been.

But the timing has never been right.

And why would a guy like him— rich, drop-dead gorgeous, and kind—ever be interested in little old me?

He owns a massive hotel chain.

I’m living in my brother’s rinky-dink basement suite.

I have bigger things to worry about than my teenage crush coming back to haunt me.

But what if that crush also hands me the big break I need?

How could I say no when the guy of my dreams also offers me my dream job?

Heck yes I want to work for him this Christmas season.

Cue holiday music, mistletoe, and nostalgia.

If I hadn’t already been falling for him, I am now.

And I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about me.

At least I am until his crazy ex decides she’s not done with him.

She’s making me think I should be.

Love shouldn’t be this hard, should it?

Or is the right one worth fighting for?

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