Three Parker Family Books for your reading pleasure…



I’m a single father. A widower. A firefighter.

That means I’m trained to find danger in every situation.

So how did I not see Bailey coming?

She’s the spark that starts an inferno.

She’s the fuel for the passion in my heart.

She’s been nothing more than a friend since we were kids, but she’s all grown up now.

It’s her that I go to for comic relief after a million blind dates, each more ridiculous than the last.

And then, without any warning, like a backdraft that kills everyone in its path, she swept me right off my feet.

Now I need her the way flames need oxygen.

With a passion that leaves me aching and hard.

But will I be able to convince her I’ve changed?

That I’m not the player she thinks I am, but the man I know she wants me to be?

I gotta try with everything inside of me.

My best friend’s little sister is in for one hell of a love story.

It goes something like this—I’m her man, and my heart is all hers.

And her body is all mine.

Because with her?

I don’t put out fires.

I start them.



Love is quickly becoming my least favorite four-letter word.

I let a girl into my heart once, and she nearly destroyed me.

The last time I saw her she was in the back seat of her father’s car, leaving me forever.

No goodbye.

No mercy.

That was ten years ago.

Now the sexy vixen from my past is back in town looking to hire a consultant.

This is my way back in.

But not for redemption or a second chance.

For sticky-sweet vengeance.

Her business is the most important thing to her, and I can have my vengeance—or waste her time trying.

If she doesn’t take me down first with curves that make me pace the floor at night.

But everything changes when I meet him.

Her ten-year-old son.

I believe in coincidences, but this is too much.

He has my eyes and my middle name, but she swears I’m not the father.

Trusting her means dropping walls I’ve spent a decade building trying to keep her out.

Unfortunately for me?

It’s always been her.



An old fling just showed up again, now as my boss.

He’s the last person I want in my life.

Namely because I’ve been hiding a secret from him.

My kiddo. His kiddo. Ours.

This possessive alpha male is impossible to please and hot as sin.

Being a billionaire, he decided to buy up the tax firm I’m at the top of the ladder with.

So now I answer to him.

And, of course, he’s cocky enough to make immediate changes during our busiest time of the year.

The damn dust hasn’t even settled.

We clash at every turn, but every tiff only seems to set my blood more and more on fire.

There’s only one thing to do when the steam scorches me.


He doesn’t seem too fond of the idea, so he slips back into my life again.

Through the one place I need the most help.

Our son.

It’s time to tell him the truth about our past love.

Even if it turns us back into enemies.