I’m only interested in a good time. Nothing too serious.

But the chemistry between me and my new client is off the charts.

My go-to is to get the girl, have some fun, then part ways, friends or not. Her choice.

The office romance budding between us leaves me wanting to break my own rules.

Then I remember why I put them in place. My father left when I was young.

Love seems out of reach. It did for my mom. It does for me.

This woman is beautiful, curvy, and smart as hell though.

And she challenges me. In all the right ways.

The fact that she has a little one stops me dead in my tracks though.

Namely because this beauty is so much like my mom—driven, focused, and out to own the world.

Meaning she’s not going to be around much. And honestly, I’m not father material.

Hell, I can barely take care of myself.

Besides, I’m a terrible role model.

I’m definitely no saint, but what self-proclaimed bad boy is?