Love is for girls and suckers.

But jealousy is for manly men.

No way in hell I’m attending my ex-girlfriend’s father’s big event.

Not after that witch ripped my soul out a few years back.

Funnily enough, my billionaire family doesn’t care much about that.

Everyone that’s anyone will be at the event, and that includes me.

Fine. I’ll take a fake fiancée and serve up slices of revenge all night long.

My cousin’s secretary will do the job just fine.

She’s beautiful, dreamy, and everything I’d want in a woman—if I were done playing around.

But I’m not. Good thing she’s interested in a promotion.

Quid-pro-quo love.

I can get back at my ex, and she can get a raise with my recommendation to my cousin.

We both get what we want, but then something odd happens.

She captures my heart. Nope. Not me.

Chants: Manly man. Manly man. Manly—

Yeah, this isn’t working. I’m in love.